A Strict Quality Control System

All work conducted by Alisea personnel must pass a complex three-phase quality control check prior to completion. With this strategy, Alisea is able to ensure its customers absolute excellence and full legal protection in technical service.

All of our technicians have been properly trained and are equipped with the best tools in the industry. We expect a high level of quality from each of our technicians. We constantly monitor their performance and provide support as needed. We all share the same goal: the elimination of non-conformities or at the very least, reduction to a minimum.

All work conducted by Alisea personnel  must pass a 3-tiered quality control test.

  1. Approval of Finished Work: Upon completion of a job, the foreman responsible for carrying out the work must meet for a review with the Alisea Technical Office manager who will verify the completeness of the work performed and ensure all proper documentation is received. If critical issues are identified and work is not complete than the necessary tasks will be completed again.
  1. Quality Control: The director of the Alisea Technical Office performs a qualitative analysis on all work carried out by our technicians. The manager examines all of the procedures carried out for compliance with national and international technical standards. Next, the manger develops a plan for monitoring of the hygienic status of the HVAC system with consideration of future needs by the client. If our managers identify non-conformities or noncompliance with the technical standards the work will be repeated in whole or in part, without additional costs for the client, until the expected results are obtained. If, on the other hand, the check returns a positive result, the work receives a technical conformity visa and moves to the final drafting phase of the technical-legal documentation to be submitted to the third and last phase, final certification.
  1. Final Certification : once technical conformity has been approved, certification of hygienic-sanitary suitability is entrusted to an Internal Certification Body composed of experts in the field of civil and criminal law, health and safety at work and technical and plant engineering matters. Through this process, Alisea is able to ensure its customers full legal protection, providing complete and comprehensive documentation, designed not only to meet the requirements of Competent Authorities, but also to prove full compliance with the law in each client’s jurisdiction.

The reduction of non-conformities


During the control phases, all identified non-compliance is recorded: all collected data is entered in a single database, which allows the foreman to evaluate the work process in real time.

Each month the Technical Management of Alisea convenes each technical team for a meeting in which the work performed in the previous month is reviewed and discussed. If non-compliance has been detected, the causes are analyzed and the responsible technicians are subjected to a theoretical-practical repair training session. With this method they will be able to review the incorrect procedures and put them into practice in the Training Center. At the end of the training session they hold a test that verifies their learning.

With this system, which has been tested for many years, we were able to significantly reduce the cases of non-compliance found on our job sites. The method of continuous improvement has proved successful. In 2010 the non-compliant sites were 8.2% of the total, today they are 3.4%.

We are very strict with ourselves and we are not afraid to admit it when we make mistakes. We practice continuous improvement for the enhancement of our company and increase in service for our customers. With this method we can guarantee our customers a high quality service.

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