The third pillar: the revolutionary RemotAir® technology – Artificial Intelligence for continuous hygienic surveillance of air treatment plants

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At Alisea we are always looking for new ways and new tools to increase the level of health, safety and legal protection for our customers. In over twenty years of activity we have never stopped analyzing our collected data to understand how our process could be improved. In recent years we have understood the importance of continuous surveillance and hygienic monitoring of the plants

In fact, current technical regulations require a surveillance inspection on the hygiene status of the devices at least every twelve months. If after an annual inspection something happens in the plant and it becomes contaminated, this phenomenon will not be detected until the next inspection. The potential risk to people's health and safety is evident.

With this truth in mind we set ourselves the challenge of finding a way to increase the level of surveillance of the plants, without increasing costs. We wanted to be able to offer our customers, at a low price comparable to that of the annual inspection, a tool that significantly increased the effectiveness of the hygienic surveillance system of their plants.

For this reason, in recent years we have launched two separate research projects in collaboration with the University of Pavia and the Milan Polytechnic, following which RemotAir® was born, a system based on Artificial Intelligence and aimed at hygienic surveillance in continuous of air treatment plants.


The RemotAir® Artificial Intelligence system is based on the following fundamental elements:

  • a complex Artificial Vision system, able to estimate the amount of dust deposited on the surfaces inside the plants (determining the quantity expressed in g / m2 of surface) and to analyze the images detected over time to estimate the evolution and the trend of contamination;
  • a refined and reliable sensor, tested in the laboratory and in the field for the specific needs of aeraulic investigation;
  • a software architecture based on Fuzzy Logic, which uses a series of specific algorithms, studied and tested for more than five years by Alisea aeraulic hygienists, able to evaluate the data coming from the sensors installed on the system and their mutual interaction;
  • the usability of all data online, in real time, through a dedicated portal with Apps developed for the most common mobile devices.

Thanks to the remote control of the hygienic conditions of the plants 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the RemotAir® system offers great advantages in terms of health, legal protection and costs:


  • Potentially dangerous phenomena will be immediately registered and reported to the Alisea Operations Center and to all the people designated by the customer, so that in a very short time the most appropriate corrective measures can be implemented.
  • The Aeraulic Risk Assessment Document and the related Management Plan will include the continuous recording of contamination trends over time and not just a static image of the same image every twelve months. As part of a program for the hygienic management of air systems, this is of paramount importance for the purposes of demonstrating complete compliance with the law and with the exemption of all civil and criminal liability.
  • In a multi-year perspective, RemotAir® allows the precise traceability of recontamination times for all the devices that make up the plants individually. The system will not only record how long it has taken the contamination to evolve in the various parts of the plant, but will also be able to carry out a predictive analysis of its event in the future. It will therefore allow the implementation of an effective predictive maintenance plan for the equipment and the timely planning of a realistic management cost budget.
  • The RemotAir® system will also allow you to physically intervene on the systems, for periodic visual inspection operations, only in case of need. Precisely because, in accordance with the rationale of current regulations, continuous observation allows verifying with certainty the timing in which the plants are contaminated, it will be possible to postpone the operations on site until the alert thresholds are reached. In other words, the system does not intend to replace the direct intervention on the plants by a specialized technician, but only to reduce it to the cases in which it is actually necessary.
  • The system will then verify, remotely, if the ordinary maintenance activities (such as the correct replacement of the filters) have been carried out according to the scheduled times.

In practice, thanks to the RemotAir® Artificial Intelligence, it is as if you have an aeraulic hygienist always at your disposal to fully analyze the hygienic status of your air treatment plants and intervene promptly as needed. With RemotAir, you can be sure you are protecting the health and safety of people in the workplace while enjoying a higher level of legal protection.


Ispezioni di sorveglianza attuali


  • Periodiche, ogni dodici mesi
  • Allerta non immediata su criticità dell’impianto
  • Analisi dello stato igienico nel giorno dell’ispezione
  • Nessuna determinazione delle tempistiche di ricontaminazione
  • Eseguita in loco, in modo invasivo
  • Eseguita obbligatoriamente ogni dodici mesi
  • Scarso controllo sulle operazioni di manutenzione
  • Tutela salute base
  • Tutela legale base




  • In continuo
  • Allerta immediata su criticità dell’impianto
  • Analisi dell’andamento igienico nell’intero anno
  • Analisi predittiva delle tempistiche di ricontaminazione
  • Eseguita in remoto, in modo non invasivo
  • Eseguita solo quando il sistema rileva che serve
  • Preciso controllo delle operazioni di manutenzione
  • Tutela salute avanzata
  • Tutela legale estesa

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