The second pillar: The MyAlisea portal, Keeping everything under control

MyALISEA is an online portal, in which each Alisea customer can find all the data and documents relating to the hygienic management of their air treatment systems, constantly updated, 24 hours a day.

In MyALISEA each customer can find their Hygienic Management Plan for each plant, with updates, year by year, of the interventions performed and those planned for the future.

MyALISEA has a complete system of automatic alerts which are sent by e-mail and SMS to report relevant events to interested parties, such as, failure to perform an activity scheduled by the Hygienic Management Plan, or the presence of a non-conformity.

With MyALISEA the user will always have the situation of all his plants under control and will no longer run the risk of forgetting or leaving out something.

MyALISEA is accessed through a simple login form.

On the MyALISEA platform, the customer will find a geolocation map of all their sites with relevant site data.

Users can select specific sectors of a site from the geolocation map. Each sector will contain precise graphic representations of each plant (conveniently saved in dwg format) with component data, access, and measurement points.

Also included are plant highlights, which include all the documents issued over time and relating to the selected plant, with a summary representation of data:

  1. Aeraulic Risk Identification Document;
  2. Aeraulic Risk Assessment Document;
  3. Technical Reports relating to periodic surveillance inspections;
  4. Technical Reports relating to the corrective actions (of repair, maintenance or sanitation) implemented.
  5. Aeraulic implant booklet;
  6. Planned Hygienic Management Plan.

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