Airflow Calibration

Airflow regulation control service to reduce costs and minimize energy consumption.

To ensure that an HVAC system is working properly and delivers the right amount of fresh air with the correct temperature and humidity, it is necessary to consider several parameters:

  • the dimensions and volumes of the rooms served;
  • the number of people who use these premises;
  • the speed with which the air is delivered and circulated in the pipes;
  • the scope of the pipelines.

Very often the conditions at installation for these parameters change over time. Some office spaces are made with movable walls, so when the rooms are arranged  in different ways the sizes and volumes of the rooms served change. At other times, the expansion or reduction of personnel often results in a difference in the number of people who initially utilize these spaces.

In addition, invasive and inappropriate maintenance of the system can cause malfunctions based on a number of differing  factors, resulting in a unexpected air circulation.

Alisea performs a complete airflow calibration service, evaluating every possible aspect of a system’s problem. Measurements of the air flow rate of the ducts and the speed of air circulation are recorded with balometers and anemometers. Sensitive thermometers measure the temperature of the rooms and humidity is calculated with a hygrometer; in addition, a structural analysis of the system is carried out to verify the operating conditions. The information collected is compared with the data used in the plant design phase and calculations are made based on new requirements.

Advantages of a correct and improved system calibration:

  • a lower operating cost resulting from a longer life of the HVAC system and through a saving in energy consumption in cases where the flow rates can be reduced;
  • better comfort depending on a correct number of spare parts and an appropriate air movement;
  • diagnosis and resolution of operating anomalies deriving from incorrect system design or installation.

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