Atomized Disinfection

Innovative rapid disinfection service using atomized particles, ideal for sanitizing the air and surfaces of any type of confined environment.

Alisea has developed an innovative atomized airborne disinfection service for clients with specific needs. The procedure adopted is ideal for sanitizing the air and surfaces of any type of confined environment: it does not generate the formation of volatile organic compounds and its degradation is rapid and greater than 99%. The atomized particles, about the size of 5 microns are diffused in the environment in the form of a dry fog, which saturates perfectly and uniformly on every square centimeter of free surface, disinfecting without generating humidity and corrosion, without creating dangers for people and electronic machinery.

The chemical formula of the product and the physical state of ionized aerosol produce a rapid oxidation of the vital constituents of the pathogenic microorganisms and a rapid lysis of the same.

This application process thus produces an efficient and effective rapid sanitization with almost total reduction of the environmental risk whilst being extremely safe (both for operators and users).

Furthermore, by intervening through the air treatment plants it is possible to sanitize not only the pipes, but also all the areas served by them.

The Atomized Disinfection service is effective in responding in an agile way to the needs of urgent interventions of environmental reclamation or sanitation. Furthermore, the innovative service is suitable for periodic and rapid interventions, which guarantee the maximum safety and total hygiene, in the period of time that elapses between the remediation intervention and the subsequent surveillance visit.

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